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Guillermo Del Toro: In Service Of Monsters

Here's one for a group show tribute to director Guillermo Del Toro at Gallery1988.


Show Info:
Guillermo Del Toro: In Service Of Monsters

Gallery1988, Los Angeles
Opening Reception:
September 11, 7-10 pm
Show runs:
September 11th - October 3rd, 2015

Auguste Clown Halloween Show

This one's off to Austalia's Auguste Clown Gallery for the Auguste Clown Gallery's Halloween Show.


Show Info:
International Group Show

Auguste Clown Gallery, Australia

Popeye 85th Anniverssary

Here's my painting for “Strong To The Finich! An Official Popeye Tribute Art Show",at Hero Complex Gallery in LosAngeles.


Show Info:
Strong To The Finich!
An Official Popeye Tribute Art Show,

Hero Complex gallery, Los Angeles

Rotofugi turns 10. Congrats!

The good peeps at Rotofugi have been mindbendingly supportive of me and my work over the years, so when they asked for a painting for their 10th anniversary show,
I jumped at the chance.

The artist list is pretty amazing. You better go see this one if you can.

Here's a blurb from their site:

On August 8, we'll be celebrating 10 years as a gallery with a new show called 10x10. We've asked many of our favorite artists from previous exhibits to do a new 10x10 inch piece for this celebratory group exhibit, and over 50 of them will be represented.

Participating artists: 64 Colors, Adam DeVarney, Alisa Ross (40 Threads), Andrea Kang, APAK, Blutt, Brandon Steen, Bwana Spoons, Camilla d'Errico, Chad Kouri, CHema Skandal!, Chris Austin, Chris Uphues, David Rettker, Derek Hess, Gabe Lanza, J*Ryu, Jason Chalker, Jason Limon, Jeramiah Ketner, Jeremy Tinder, Jesse LeDoux, Jesse Narens, Jesse Reno, Jim Pavelec, Joe Somers, Joey Potts, Jon Knox, Jon McNair, Jonathan Bergeron, Joseph Scarano, Kelly Pelka, Kelly Vivanco, Ken Keirns, Lana Crooks, Little Friends of Printmaking, Luke Chueh, Mark Brown, Mark Nagata, Mark Pilon, Max Bare, Michael Slack, Mike Budai, Mitch O'Connell, Mr. Walters, Netherland, Ralph Cosentino, Revize CMW, Rudy Fig, Ryan Heshka, Scribe, Shannon Bonatakis, Steve Seeley, Taiko Fujimura, Tony Rabit, Travis Lampe, Veggiesomething & Yosiell Lorenzo ... and maybe a few more late additions!


Show Info:
10 x 10
Tenth Anniversary
Group Exibit

Rotofugi, Chicago

Opening Reception:
August 8, 7-10 pm

Show runs:
August 8-31, 2014

Animals drinking beers. Big beers. In Chicago.

I've got some smaller paintings, sketches and even some wooden owls and skulls up at Rotofugi in Chicago, along with the amazing Kelly Vivanco.

Show Info:

Through the Woods


September 6-29, 2013

Cowboys + Tyrannosauruses + Lightning = AWESOME.

I just can't decide on whether he's assembling or disssasembling that luchadore.

These two are off to Seattle for a show at Seattle's Ouch My Eye Gallery located at 1022 1st Avenue South on April 23rd.
    Show Info:

Assembly Line Collective:
You Lucky Bastard Tour

Ouch My Eye Gallery,
1022 1st Avenue South, Seattle

April 23 - ??, 2011
Opening Reception: April 23 7pm-12am

Four for Vancouver

These four are headed up north for a show at Vancouver's Ayden Gallery on April 15th.
    Show Info:

Assembly Line Collective:
You Lucky Bastard Tour

Ayden Gallery, Vancouver, BC

April 15- May8, 2011
Opening Reception: April 15 7-11pm

Alison makes it snow.

I know, I know. I once swore I'd never paint a barn. Although, technically, this a covered bridge, it still goes in the 'things I'd never paint' category.
It is a pretty sweet bridge though.

Part of a great John Hughes tribute show at Gallery 1988: Venice.
    Show Info:

The Road to Shurmer:
A Tribute to John Hughes

Gallery 1988, Venice, CA

Feb 11 - March 4, 2011
Opening Reception: Feb 11 7-10pm

"Then Came the Shadows"
along side "Bowie" from the amazing Carlos Ramos.
October 15 - November 7th

Thank you to all the people who where in Chicago and stopped by at the opening!

Huge thank you to Brazil's Zupi Magazine for a giant feature in issue 18.
10 pages in 3 languages! They even translated the Portuguese back into English, which makes me sound like English isn't my first languge. Makes me look smarter and more worldly. Think I'll start retranslating all my interviews.